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Yet Another Mediocre Small Lisp Dialect in C++

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Sic: Yet Another Mediocre Lisp Dialect in C++

The other day, I had an interesting realization about modern C++. One thing led to another and here I am with another Lisp dialect. Sorry about that.


It seemed like a good idea at the time.

What's it good for?



1. It's simple.

Most Lispish languages care about fripperies like efficiency and so will internally convert Lisp(ish) expressions to more efficient forms.

Not Sic. Here, it's still a list. If you prod at one with lldb, you can chase the pointers. (Don't though; call function po on it instead.) It stays Lispy all the way down.

2. It integrates nicely with C++

Everything in Sic is a plain old C++ type, so you can easily move between it and native code. In fact, this:

$(print, "2 + 2 =", $(add, 2, 2), "\n")

is a valid C++ expression that does what you'd expect (if you've imported the sic namespace). So it's easy to integrate it into a C++ program.

3. No external files needed

Unlike most Lispish language, there is no external library; all functions are written in C++.

4. You can horrify Lisp purists with it.

$(print, "C++ is an acceptable Lisp!\n")

What's wrong with it?

  1. There's a lot of powerful Lisp(ish) functionality that isn't written yet.
  2. There's no garbage collection. It just leaks memory.


On a sufficiently Unix-like operating system with Clang installed, just

cd src

If you want to use gcc instead, edit the Makefile first.

Note that this needs a recent compiler, one that supports C++17.

This will produce both an executable interpreter (sic) and a library (libsic.a).


The reference manual is generated during building but there's a courtesy copy here.

I also did a blog post about it here.


This is Free/Open-source software released under the terms of the wxWidgets license (i.e. the GNU LGPL but with less restrictions on binary distribution.)

See Copyright.txt for details.


Yet Another Mediocre Small Lisp Dialect in C++



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