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A tool for herding multiple git repositories

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nest is a lightweight, personal, private GitHub-alike but without the browsing and merging tools, wiki, bug tracker, social aspects or any kind of web interface at all.

So really, it's nothing like GitHub.

What it will do is let you store any (reasonable) number of git repositories on a remote *nix system to which you have login privileges and easily clone, pull and push to them from remote clients using only git, Perl 5 and ssh.

Basic Use

Installation is as simple as copying nest into a directory in your path.

Setting up on the server takes one command:

nest --main

as does setting up a client:

nest --host --user nestacct --path GitNest

(Note: it helps a lot if you have ssh-agent set up.)

You import a git repository like this:

cd my-project
nest import my-project

and clone a new copy in the current directory like this:

nest get my-project

Finally, you can make or update a local copy of the entire collection of repositories on the main server like this:

nest fill

This is useful both as a backup and as a way to get at your work when you're offline.

nest checkouts are just git clones and you can treat them as such. An ordinary git push will push your changes back to the server.


You can find the manual here.

The source for this is in the Pod section of nest and was generated with pod2markdown as a convenience. If your Perl installation includes Pod::Usage, you can also read it with:

nest --manual

or with perldoc:

perldoc ./nest


nest is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.0. You use it at your OWN RISK.


A tool for herding multiple git repositories

License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:Perl 100.0%