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Associated code for the "Racket Web Development with Koyo" screencast.

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  • You need Racket since this is a Racket application.
  • You need node and nvm to build the assets.
  • You need access to a couple local Postgres databases. One named shorty and the other shorty_tests. The latter is exercised by unit tests.

First-time Setup

$ nvm use && npm install && npm run build
$ raco pkg install chief
$ raco pkg install shorty/        # install and build the application and its deps
$ raco pkg install shorty-tests/  # install and build the tests and their deps

Development environment

Copy .env.default to .env. chief will automatically load the variables defined in this file into the environment of the subprocesses defined in the Procfile whenever it is run.

The app expects to be run behind an SSL terminated connection (for example, behind an nginx instance using a self-signed cert), even for local development . You can disable this requirement by setting current-continuation-key-cookie-secure? parameter to #f before the application is started.

Running the app locally

$ nvm use
$ raco chief start


Associated code for the "Racket Web Development with Koyo" screencast.


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