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[Course] API design in Node with Express v3

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API design in Node.js with Express, v3

Scott Moss & Frontend Masters



This course has two parts, slides and excercises. The slides describe the excerices in detail. Each excercise has a starting branch and solution branch. Example lesson-1 and lesson-1-solution.


Hello world Express

  • branch - lesson-1

In this lesson you'll be creating a simple Express based API in node, just to get your feet wet.

  • install dependencies with yarn (prefered for version locking) or npm
  • create a route that sends back some json
  • create a route that accepts json and logs it
  • start the server


  • branch - lesson-2
  • test command - yarn test-routes or npm run test-routes

This exercise will have you creating routes and sub routers for our soon the be DB resources using Express routing and routers

  • create a router for the Item resource
  • create full crud routes and create placeholder controllers
  • mount router on the root server
  • ensure all tests pass by running test command

Create Schemas

  • branch - lesson-3
  • test command - yarn test-models or npm run test-models

In this exercise, you'll be taking what you learned about Mongoose and MongoDb to create a schema and model for the Item resource.

  • create a schema for the item resource
  • add the correct fields (look at test)
  • add the correct validations (look at test)
  • extra add compund index to ensure all tasks in a list have unique names
  • ensure all tests pass by running test command


  • branch - lesson-4
  • test command - yarn test-controllers or npm run test-controllers

So far we have routes and models. Now we need to hook our routes up to our models so we can perfom CRUD on the models based on the routes + verbs. That's exactly what controllers do.

  • create CRUD resolvers in utils/crud.js
  • create controllers for the Item resources using the base crud resolvers
  • ensure all tests pass by running test command


  • branch - lesson-5
  • test command - yarn test-auth or npm run test-auth

In this exercise you'll be locking down our API using JWT's.

  • create a signup controller
  • create a signin controller
  • create a protect middlware to lock down API routes
  • ensure all tests pass by running test command


THe other resources don't have any test, go ahead and write some!


[Course] API design in Node with Express v3


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