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Simple hello world for docker

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Sample docker image to test docker deployments Created from original tutum repo for my own demonstrations.


To create the image nieleyde/tutum-hello-world, execute the following command on the tutum-hello-world folder:

docker build -t nieleyde/tutum-hello-world .

You can now push your new image to the registry:

sudo docker push nieleyde/tutum-hello-world

Running your Hello World docker image

Start your image:

sudo docker run -d -p 80 nieleyde/tutum-hello-world

It will print the new container ID (like d35bf1374e88). Get the allocated external port:

sudo docker port d35bf1374e88 80

It will print the allocated port (like 4751). Test your deployment:

curl http://localhost:4751/

Hello world!


Simple hello world for docker

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