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Deadline countdowns for academic conferences in Security and Privacy

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Security and Privacy deadlines countdown

Based on ai-deadlines by @abshkdz

Adding/updating a conference

  • Read the data format description below. Note that the timezone format sign is inverted (e.g., UTC+7 is written as Etc/GMT-7). It's not a bug. I hate this format too. I'd be happy to move to a different timezone JavaScript library that uses a friendlier format, but I don't have time for that.
  • Update _data/conferences.yml. You can do that on Github or locally after forking the repo.
  • Send a pull request

Conference entry record

Example record:

- name: Euro S&P
  description: IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy
  year: 2018
  deadline: "2017-08-15 23:59"
  date: April 24-26
  place: London, UK
  tags: [SEC, PRIV]

Descriptions of the fields:

Field name Description
name* Short conference name, without year
year* Year the conference is happening
description Description, or long name
link* URL to the conference home page
deadline* Deadline, or list of deadlines. (Gory details below)
timezone Timezone in tz format. By default is UTC-12 (AoE)
date When the conference is happening
place Where the conference is happening
tags One or multiple tags: SEC, PRIV, or CRYPTO

Fields marked with asterisk (*) are required.

Deadline format

The deadline field can contain:

  1. The simplest option: a date and time in ISO format. Example: "2017-08-19 23:59".
  2. If a deadline is rolling, you can use a template date, just substitute the year with %y, or month with %m. Example: "%y-%m-15 23:59" means there is a deadline on the 15th day of every month, every year. "2017-%m-15" means a deadline on 15th day of every month, but only in 2017, i.e. "2018-01-15" is not a part of this template.
  3. A list of (1) or (2). Example of two rolling deadlines, with one in the end of May every year, and the second in the end of February:
- "%y-05-31 23:59"
- "%y-02-28 23:59"

On the page, all deadlines are displayed in viewer's local time (that's a feature).

Note: If the deadline hour is {h}:00, it will be automatically translated into {h-1}:59:59 to avoid pain and confusion when it happens to be midnight in local time.


The timezone is specified in tz format. Unlike abbreviations (e.g. EST), these are un-ambiguous. Here are tz codes for some common timezones:

Common name tz
America Pacific Time America/Los_Angeles
Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8) Etc/GMT+8 (Yes, the sign is inverted for some weird reason)
America Eastern Time America/New_York
Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) Etc/GMT+5
American Samoa Time (UTC-11) Pacific/Samoa or Etc/GMT+11. This timezone does not use DST.
Aleutian Islands America/Adak


Deadline countdowns for academic conferences in Security and Privacy


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