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Automatic conversion of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS module, use with care

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pkgsrc is a framework for building software for a variety of UNIX-like systems.

It produces binary packages, which can be managed with tools such as pkgin. pkgsrc is highly configurable, supporting building packages for an arbitrary installation prefix (the default is /usr/pkg), allowing multiple branches to coexist on one machine, a build options framework, and a compiler transformation framework, among other advanced features. Unprivileged use and installation is also supported.

pkgsrc is the default package manager for NetBSD and SmartOS. It's also supported as a first-class option in OmniOS CE and Oasis Linux.


To use pkgsrc on operating systems other than NetBSD, you first need to bootstrap:

cd pkgsrc/bootstrap

Note that this is only for the most simple case, using pkgsrc's defaults.

Please consult bootstrap/README and bootstrap/README.OS for detailed information about bootstrapping.

Building packages

cd pkgsrc/category/package-name
$PREFIX/bin/bmake install

Where $PREFIX is where you've chosen to install packages (typically /usr/pkg)

On NetBSD, bmake is simply the built-in make tool.

To build packages in bulk, tools such as pkgtools/pbulk and pkgtools/pkg_comp can be used.

Community / Troubleshooting

Latest sources

To fetch the main CVS repository:

cvs -d checkout -P pkgsrc

To work in the Git mirror, which is updated every few hours from CVS:

git clone

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Automatic conversion of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS module, use with care