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OSes, for Itanium?

vmlemon opened this issue · comments

It could be interesting, to have a section on various operating systems, that were ported to the IA-64 ISA, somewhere...

Some of the more exotic ones, like Secure64 SourceT (, and SCO Monterey (which was folded into AIX for Itanium, according to, weren't well-documented, and I think that Bull (GCOS 8), or Fujitsu had some products, at some stage (Fujitsu at least, shipped a Primergy system). I also thought that Stratus VOS ran on Itanium, but it looks like it was only ever ported to x86.

From mind, in the mainstream, there were releases of Windows XP/Windows Server 2003-2008 R2, RedHat Enterprise Linux ( - not sure if they exceeded 7.2), and FreeBSD (up-to 10, officially), and HP/Compaq NonStop, and OpenVMS (not sure about what the last release from VSI will be, before they finish migrating to x86-64), in terms of shipping products...

Any thoughts?

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