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The Itanium ISA finally gets stable: Intel stopped the development even before 2019. Manufacturing and shipping of Itaniums stops in 2022.
(See "Roadmap statements")

Thus I finally decided to collect documentation, references (and other information sources) about this interesting architecture.

Feel free to use and contribute.

Roadmap statements

AnandTech writes:

Intel to Discontinue Itanium 9700 ‘Kittson’ Processor, the Last of the Itaniums

by Anton Shilov on January 31, 2019 6:30 PM EST

Intel on Thursday notified its partners and customers that it would be discontinuing its Itanium 9700-series (codenamed Kittson) processors, the last Itanium chips on the market. Under their product discontinuance plan, Intel will cease shipments of Itanium CPUs in mid-2021, or a bit over two years from now. [...]

The current-generation octa and quad-core Itanium 9700-series processors were introduced by Intel in 2017, in the process becoming the final processors based on the IA-64 ISA. [...]

With the EOL plan for the Itanium 9700-series CPUs in place, it certainly means that this is the end of the road for the whole Itanium project, both for HPE and Intel. The former has been offering Xeon-based NonStop and Integrity servers for years now, whereas the latter effectively ceased development of new CPUs featuring the IA-64 ISA earlier this decade.

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IA-64 documentation in public domain

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