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A basic pixel art creator for Android using Canvas (soon Bitmap).

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A pixel art creator for Android using Canvas, written 100% in Kotlin.

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To disclaim, this repository is licensed under the MIT license.


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If you are wanting to make an app similar to PyxlMoose (a pixel art editor for Android), you can use, modify, and distribute any code which is part of this codebase privately or commercially. I encourage anyone wanting to make a similar or even better version of this app to go ahead!

Do not use the name 'PyxlMoose' or the logo in your app.


PyxlMoose is the world's fastest progressing Android pixel art editor.

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PyxlMoose is a project I am submitting for NCEA Level 3 Digital Technologies.

It was intended as being a small pixel art editor app for Android, but over time the codebase has grown bigger and hopefully this project can actually turn into something more serious than a school project.

Features (as of 1 January 2022)

  • Pencil tool
  • Fill tool
  • Horizontal mirror tool
  • Vertical mirror tool
  • Line tool
  • Rectangle tool
  • Outlined rectangle tool
  • Darkening tool
  • Lightening tool
  • Clear canvas tool
  • Change background tool
  • Color picker tool
  • Find and replace by color tool
  • Pixel grid (can be disabled or enabled)
  • Eraser tool
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • 10 awesome filters
  • Custom color palettes
  • Ability to select from 8 different brushes
  • Ability to select custom colors from HEX code or RGB sliders
  • Ability to unfavorite/favorite projects

Go to to have a look at features we want to add to PyxlMoose.


Thank you to:

  • PapaBread#3820 on Discord for helping me out with the mathematics required to add a mirror tool into the app.
  • JohnWick_007#8119 on Discord for providing me some icons to use in my app.
  • Those on StackOverflow who have assisted me with the many bugs I have encountered in my app.


A basic pixel art creator for Android using Canvas (soon Bitmap).

License:MIT License


Language:Kotlin 100.0%