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I.PHI dataset generation

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I.PHI dataset: ancient Greek inscriptions

Thea Sommerschield*, Yannis Assael*, Brendan Shillingford, Mahyar Bordbar, John Pavlopoulos, Marita Chatzipanagiotou, Ion Androutsopoulos, Jonathan Prag, Nando de Freitas

Χαῖρε! This repository is forked from Pythia, and contains a pipeline to download and process the Packard Humanities Institute database of ancient Greek inscriptions including the geographical and chronological metadata into a machine actionable format. The processed dataset is referred to as I.PHI.


pip install -r requirements.txt && \
python -m nltk.downloader punkt

Dataset generation

# Download and process PHI (this will take a while)
python -m  --connections=1

To enable multi-threaded processing set: --connections=100.

Preprocessed I.PHI dataset uploaded by @Holger.Danske800: link


When using this dataset, please cite the Packard Humanities Institute database of ancient Greek inscriptions and:

  title={{I.PHI} dataset: ancient Greek inscriptions},
  author={Sommerschield*, Thea and Assael*, Yannis and Shillingford, Brendan and Bordbar, Mahyar and Pavlopoulos, John and Chatzipanagiotou, Marita and Androutsopoulos, Ion and Prag, Jonathan and de Freitas, Nando},
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Apache License, Version 2.0

Damaged inscription: a decree concerning the Acropolis of Athens (485/4 BCE). IG I3 4B.
(CC BY-SA 3.0, WikiMedia)


I.PHI dataset generation

License:Apache License 2.0


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