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Caskroom-fonts is a Homebrew Tap which allows you to use the same friendly Homebrew-style CLI workflow for the administration of binary font files on your Mac.

Here is where you can find or submit font Casks for the homebrew-cask project.


Caskroom-fonts is a pre-release. You are welcome to use it and contribute, but be aware that some things do not work yet. You can track our goal of first alpha release here.


Fonts are available through homebrew-cask, which is an "external command" of Homebrew. So, first you must install Homebrew and homebrew-cask.

Let's try it!

$ brew tap caskroom/fonts                  # you only have to do this once!
$ brew cask install font-inconsolata

Search For a Font

Font searching is temporarily disabled per caskroom/homebrew-cask#3025. While this is being fixed, one workaround is to use a regular expression search:

$ brew cask search /symbola/

Submitting a Font Cask

Want to contribute a Font Cask? Awesome! Please do! See

Learn More

  • Find basic documentation on using homebrew-cask in
  • Want to hack on our Ruby code? Super awesome! See

Questions? Wanna chat?

We're really rather friendly! Here are the best places to talk about the project:


Reporting Bugs

We still have bugs -- and we are busy fixing them! If you have a problem, don't be shy about reporting it on our GitHub issues page.

When reporting bugs, remember that the Caskroom family is an independent project from Homebrew. Do your best to direct bug reports to the appropriate project. If your command-line started with brew cask, bring the bug to the Caskroom family first!

Known Limitations

Due to a quirk in OS X, Font Casks must be managed via hard links. For most users, the distinction between hard links and symbolic links is unimportant. System administrators may see the for more information.

Font Licenses

Caskroom-fonts will only accept fonts which are freely-distributable at this time. However, even freely-distributable fonts may have limitations (for instance, if you use them in a commercial enterprise). It is the responsibility of the user to know and respect the license of each font.

The currently used licenses:


Caskroom-fonts License

Code is under the BSD 2 Clause (NetBSD) license


Font Casks for homebrew-cask

License:BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License


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