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A simple billing/invoicing app in Rails

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GetPaid (working title)

This is a simple Rails billing app I started in 2006. 
It's very basic and certain parts of it are unfinished, 
but for basic billing, it's worked well for me.

    - Invoicing
    - Service rates
    - Subcontracting support
    - Basic contact management
    - Simple layout
    1. Copy config/database_example.yml to config/database.yml, and edit.
    2. Copy config/user_prefs.example.yml to config/user_prefs.yml and edit.
    3. rake db:create
    4. rake db:migrate
    5. mkdir log
    6. run ./go
    7. open browser to http://localhost:3001 and start billing!

Jeremy Seitz

Released as open source, 2009.
MIT License (


A simple billing/invoicing app in Rails



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