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Internet radio based on ESP32, VS1053 and a TFT screen.

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Internet radio based on ESP32, VS1053 and a TFT screen. Will compile in Arduino IDE. See the review by Andreas Spiess at

Look for documentation and printdesign in the doc directory.


  • Can connect to thousands of Internet radio stations that broadcast MP3 or Ogg audio streams.
  • Can connect to a standalone mp3 file on a server.
  • Support for .m3u playlists.
  • Can play mp3 tracks from SD card or USB stick (CH376).
  • Uses a minimal number of components; no Arduino required.
  • Handles bitrates up to 320 kbps.
  • Has a preset list of maximal 100 favorite radio stations in configuration file.
  • Configuration (preferences) can be edited through web interface.
  • Can be controlled by a tablet or other device through a build-in webserver.
  • Can be controlled over MQTT.
  • Can be controlled over Serial Input.
  • Can be controlled by IR.
  • Can be controlled by rotary switch encoder.
  • Can be controlled by touch pins.
  • Up to 14 free input pins can be configured to control the radio.
  • The strongest available WiFi network is automatically selected.
  • Heavily commented source code, easy to add extra functionality.
  • Debug information through serial output.
  • Uses a 12 kB queue to provide smooth playback.
  • Software update over WiFi possible (OTA) through Arduino IDE or remote host.
  • Bass and treble control.
  • Saves volume, bass, treble and preset station over restart.
  • Configuration also possible if no WiFi connection can be established.
  • Can play iHeartRadio stations.
  • Displays time of day on TFT.
  • Optional display remaining battery capacity on screen.
  • PCB available (see doc).

See documentation in doc/pdf-file.

Last changes:

  • 19-feb-2021, More Oled models.
  • 16-feb-2021, Give BBC stations some time to react. See issue 437.
  • 15-feb-2021, Added earch page.
  • 21-jan-2021, Added PlatformIO version.
  • 14-oct-2020, Clear artist and song on display at new station connect.
  • 18-oct-2020, Fixed LCD2004 error.
  • 30-sep-2020, Ready for ch376msc library version 1.4.4.
  • 14-jul-2020, Dynamic status display in web interface.
  • 10-jul-2020, Support for USB drive (CH376).
  • 23-mar-2020, Allow playlists on SD card.
  • 21-dec-2019, Check for right (VS1053) CHIP.
  • 16-dec-2019, Better logging claimSPI for debug.
  • 24-apr-2019, Better handling of gettim().
  • 09-oct-2018, Bug fix xSemaphoreTake.
  • 04-oct-2018, Fixed compile error OLED 64x128 display.
  • 28-sep-2018, Support for NEXTION display.
  • 06-aug-2018, Added playlistposition for MQTT. Correction negative time offset. OTA update through remote host.
  • 02-aug-2018, Added support for ILI9341 display.
  • 01-aug-2018, Added debug info for timing of IR remote.
  • 30-jul-2018, Added GPIO39 and inversed shutdown pin. Thanks to fletche.
  • 25-jul-2018, Correction touch pins.
  • 15-jul-2018, Correction tftset().
  • 25-may-2018, Limit read from stream to free queue space.
  • 04-may-2018, Made handling of playlistdata more tolerant.
  • 31-may-2018, Bugfix. Crashed if I2C was used, but no pins assigned.
  • 30-may-2018, Bugfix. Assigned DRAM to global variables used in ISRs.
  • 11-may-2018, Bugfix for incidental crash in rotary encoder function.
  • 08-may-2018, Support for 1602 display (I2C).
  • 30-apr-2018, Bugfix: crashed when no IR was configured.
  • 25-apr-2018, Support for different display (OLED 128x64 for now).
  • 20-apr-2018, Added (unfinished) diptrace printdesign.
  • 16-apr-2018, Handle ID3 tags while playing from SD.
  • 13-apr-2018, Guard against empty strings on TFT.
  • 05-mar-2018, Improved interface for Rotary Encoder.
  • 03-mar-2018, Correction bug IR pin number.
  • 15-feb-2018, Correction writing wifi credentials to NVS.
  • 13-feb-2018, Disable clock during write-back of preferences.
  • 22-jan-2018, Added remaining battery capacity, default I/O pins.
  • 02-jan-2018, Stop/resume is one command now.
  • 15-dec-2017, Correction defaultprefs.h.
  • 13-dec-2017, Correction LCD display.
  • 08-dec-2017, Faster handling of config page, more items published by MQTT, added pin_shutdown.
  • 01-dec-2017, Better handling of playlists.
  • 30-nov-2017, Hide passwords in config screen.
  • 27-nov-2017, Replaced ringbuffer by FreeRTOS queue, play function on second CPU, Included improved rotary switch routines supplied by fenyvesi, Better IR sensitivity.
  • 11-nov-2017: Increases ringbuffer size. Print measured bitrate at "test"-command.
  • 30-aug-2017: Limit number of retries foor MQTT connection. Added MDNS transponder.
  • 28-aug-2017: Preferences for SPI bus, touch pins. Corrected bug in handling programmable pins. Handling of http redirections.
  • 28-jul-2017: Added rotary swich encoder, flexible GPIO assignment.
  • 19-jul-2017: Minor corrections.
  • 18-jul-2017: Show time of day on TFT.
  • 04-jul-2017: Correction MQTT subscription, keep playing during long oprerations.
  • 03-jul-2017: Webinterface control page shows current settings.
  • 30-jun-2017: Improved MP3 player.
  • 28-jun-2017: Added IR interface.
  • 31-may-2017: Experimental: play MP3 tracks from SD card.
  • 26-may-2017: Correction Upper/Lower Case compare.
  • 26-may-2017: Allow connection from single hidden AP.
  • 23-may-2017: First release, derived from ESP8266 version.


Internet radio based on ESP32, VS1053 and a TFT screen.

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:C++ 90.6%Language:C 8.0%Language:Objective-C 1.4%