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Beautiful, Zero Configuration, Toast Messages for React

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Cogo Toast

Beautiful, Zero Configuration, Toast Messages for React

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Install via NPM:

npm install --save cogo-toast

Install via Yarn:

yarn add cogo-toast


The latest version ^3.0.0 makes the use of React Hooks internally.

To use this package in projects that don't support hooks, use v2.0.1 instead.

yarn add cogo-toast@2.0.1


Its Plug and Play. No configuration required. Just import and you are good to go.

import cogoToast from 'cogo-toast';

cogoToast.success('This is a success message!');

5 Built in Types

There are 5 built-in types to handle the most common cases in any application.

cogoToast.success('This is a success message');'This is a info message');

cogoToast.loading('This is a loading message');

cogoToast.warn('This is a warn message');

cogoToast.error('This is a error message');


cogoToast is built using React. Which means any valid jsx can be used as the message in cogoToast
    <div>Isn't it?</div>

Returns a Promise

Returns a promise which resolves when the toast is about to hide.

This can be useful to do some action when the toast has completed showing.

cogoToast.loading('Loading your data...').then(() => {
  cogoToast.success('Data Successfully Loaded');

Hide on Click

const { hide } = cogoToast.success('This is a success message.', {
  onClick: () => {

Completely Customizable

The second parameter to the function is an options object that can be passed in for customization.'This is an info message', options);

All Available Options

Here's a list of all the available options, to customize the toast to your needs.

Options Type Default
hideAfter Number in Seconds 3
(Can be 0 to disable auto-hiding of the toast)
position 'top-left', 'top-center', 'top-right',
'bottom-left', 'bottom-center', 'bottom-right'
heading String ''
renderIcon Function Icon Based on the Type
bar Object
{ size: '2px', style: 'solid/dashed/dotted', color: '#hex' }
Based on the Type
onClick() Function null
role aria-role status
toastContainerID The dom element in which the toast container is added ct-container

Custom Styling

You can provide your own custom styling by extending the ct-toast class in your css styles.

For all classnames, refer to /src/styles/styles.css

Only ~ 4K Gzipped

The package contains the minified build file, along with the SVG Icons and the Styles, built into the Code, with a total of ~4K Gzipped


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Anmol Mahatpurkar
Anmol Mahatpurkar

💻 🎨 📖
Balázs Orbán
Balázs Orbán

Vitalii Kalchuk
Vitalii Kalchuk

Amar Pathak
Amar Pathak

Nataly Shrits
Nataly Shrits


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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Beautiful, Zero Configuration, Toast Messages for React

License:MIT License


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