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alt text Git Merger

Merging branches has never been easier.

Key Features 🗝

  • Stash & Patch - Uncommitted changes handler while merging.
  • Merge from - Merge any branch into your local branch.
  • Flexibility - Configure options on the git merge command (more info in the repo's wiki).

Road Map 🗺

My vision is to create the merge resolver we all want, a 3 screen just click and fix merger.
Coming to your VScode.

Installation ⬇

In vscode marketplace search and install "Git Merger".
Or launch the vscode quick open (⌘+p | Ctrl+p) and run ext install git-merger

Commands 🗣

The extension commands that can be accessed from the command pallet (⌘+Shift+p | Ctrl+Shift+p ):

  • GitMerger: Merge from... - Merge branch into working branch (write mf or gmf for short).
  • GitMerger: Continue merge - Continue the merge once the conflicts are done.
  • GitMerger: Abort merge - Abort the current merge.
  • GitMerger: Stash - Stash your WIP for later usage.
  • GitMerger: Unstash... - Apply stashed changes on working branch.
  • GitMerger: Clear stash - Remove any saved stashes.
  • GitMerger: Delete stash... - Delete a specific stash.

Help this extension be great 💪

If you want to contribute or have any feedback positive or negative, let me know!
Contact via Email or open an issue at this project's Git Repo.



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