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Plugin for Neural Amp Modeler

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Neural Amp Modeler Plug-in

A VST3/AudioUnit plug-in* for Neural Amp Modeler, built with iPlug2.


Check the Releases for pre-built installers for the plugin!

Supported Platforms

The Neural Amp Modeler plugin currently supports Windows 10 (64bit) or later, and macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

For Linux support, there is an LV2 plugin available:


This is a cleaned up version of the original iPlug2-based NAM plugin with some refactoring to adopt better practices recommended by the developers of iPlug2. (Thanks Oli for your generous suggestions!)

*could also support VST2, AAX, CLAP, Linux, iOS soon.


Plugin for Neural Amp Modeler

License:MIT License


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