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Chronoblog - Gatsby Theme

Gatsby Starter Chronoblog Hacker - starter for Chronoblog Gatsby Theme

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A dark (but with ability to switch to light) starter that uses the Source Code Pro font and minimalistic UI (without emoji, as by default in Chronoblog Theme).

The starter is based on the Gatsby Theme Chronoblog.

What is a Chronoblog?

Chronoblog is a Gatsby js theme specifically designed to create a personal website. The main idea of ​​Chronoblog is to allow you not only to write a personal blog but also to keep a record of everything important that you have done.

Read more about Chronoblog Gatsby Theme here:

Live demo of this starter:


  • Specially designed to create a personal website
  • Search and Tags for organizing content
  • A simple change of primary and secondary colors of the site, fonts, radius of curvature of elements, etc (thanks to Theme UI theming)
  • Clean and Minimalistic UI
  • Mobile friendly, all elements and custom images are adapted to any screen
  • Light/Dark mode
  • Easy customization of icons and links to your social networks
  • MDX for the main menu of the site, footer and other elements of the site
  • MDX for pages and content
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • SEO (OpenGraph and Twitter) out of the box with default settings that make sense (thanks to React Helmet)

How to start using Chronoblog Hacker Starter

If you have gatsby-cli:

gatsby new chronoblog-site

cd chronoblog-site

gatsby develop

Or using git clone:

git clone chronoblog-site

cd chronoblog-site

npm i

npm start

Your site is now running at http://localhost:8000


Deploying to ZEIT Now

Gatsby Docs:

Quick Deployment:

Deploy with ZEIT Now

Deploying to Netlify

Gatsby Docs:

Quick Deployment:

Deploy to Netlify

More information

For complete information, go to the main repository:

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License:MIT License


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