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simple demo for scratch and homeassistant

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Simple homeassistant demo for scratch

Download scratch-vm and scratch gui repositories from github.

Place the index.js file in scratch-vm/src/extensions/homeassistant (create this directory first) Fill in _hassHost and _hassToken.

Then edit extension-support/extension-manager.js Add line:

homeassistant: () => require('../extensions/homeassistant'),

to the "builtinExtensions" array

Then lets go to scratch-gui repo, and add homeassistant module to src/lib/libraries/extensions/index.jsx

+import homeassistantIconURL from './homeassistant/homeassistant.png';
+import homeassistantInsetIconURL from './homeassistant/homeassistant-small.svg';


+        name: 'HomeAssistant',
+        extensionId: 'homeassistant',
+        // collaborator: 's00500',
+        iconURL: homeassistantIconURL,
+        insetIconURL: homeassistantInsetIconURL,
+        description: (
+            <FormattedMessage
+                defaultMessage="Home Asssitant Scratch integration"
+                description="Use this to control you home from scratch"
+                id="gui.extension.test.description"
+            />
+        ),
+        featured: true,
+        disabled: false
+    },

create a folder named src/lib/libraries/extensions/homeassistant/

And add the two png and svg images from this repo


simple demo for scratch and homeassistant


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