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Arduino Cryptography Library

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Arduino Cryptography Library

This distribution contains a libraries and example applications to perform cryptography operations on Arduino devices. They are distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

The documentation contains more information on the libraries and examples.

This repository used to contain a number of other examples and libraries for other areas of Arduino functionality but most users are only interested in the cryptography code. The other projects have been moved to a separate repository and only the cryptography code remains in this repository.

For more information on these libraries, to report bugs, or to suggest improvements, please contact the author Rhys Weatherley via email.

Recent significant changes to the library

Mar 2022:

  • HMAC-BLAKE2b and HMAC-BLAKE2s were giving incorrect results when the message being authenticated was zero-length.

Jan 2022:

  • All-in-one hmac() function in Hash.h for simplified HMAC computations.
  • New API for the HKDF hash-based key derivation function.
  • Make the ESP32 version of AES less dependent on include file locations.

Apr 2018:

  • Acorn128 and Ascon128 authenticated ciphers (finalists in the CAESAR AEAD competition in the light-weight category).
  • Split the library into Crypto (core), CryptoLW (light-weight), and CryptoLegacy (deprecated algorithms).
  • Tiny and small versions of AES for reducing memory requirements.
  • Port the library to ESP8266 and ESP32.
  • Make the RNG class more robust if the app doesn't call begin() or loop().

Nov 2017:

  • Fix the AVR assembly version of Speck and speed it up a little.
  • API improvements to the RNG class.


Arduino Cryptography Library


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