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Mico-controller based Internet Connectivity Operation System

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Important Notice: To use the latest MICO project in "master", you should update IAR workbench for ARM to version 7.30, old MICO project v1.xx has move to branch "MICO-1.xx" for further maintainence,


###Mico-controller based Internet Connectivity Operation System


  • Designed for embedded devices
  • Based on a Real time operation system
  • Support abundant MCUs
  • Wi-Fi connectivity total solution
  • Build-in protocols for cloud service (Plan)
  • State-of-the-art low power management
  • Application framework for I.O.T product
  • Rich tools and mobile APP to accelerate development

###Contents: * Demos: Demos applications and application framework COM.MXCHIP.SPP: Data transparent transimission between serial and wlan COM.MXCHIP.HA: Data that conform to HA package definition can be delivered between serial and wlan * External: External library and tools Curve25519: New Diffie-Hellman Speed Records Booktitle Public Key Cryptography GladmanAES: AES algorithm (not used in MICO, MICO has build-in AES algorithm) JSON-C: Implements a reference counting object model that allows you to easily construct JSON objects in C * Library: MICO library, handeling RTOS, algorithms, Wi-Fi driver and TCP/IP stack Support: Open source tools and functions * MICO: MICO's main entrance and basic services EasyLink: MXCHIP one-click Wi-Fi provisioning EasyLink Soft AP: MXCHIP one-click Wi-Fi provisioning using Soft AP mode WPS: Wi-Fi protected setup * Platform: Hardware operation on different platform * Projects: IAR workbench project

###How to use: 1. Install IAR workbench for ARM v7.3 or higher 2. Open any demo project and select target: EMW3162, MICO_EVB_1 (more demo boards are coming) 3. Build and download MICO demo application Note: MICO demo runs on EMB-380-S2 + EMW3162/EMW3161: Open1081: 4、Download and run Easylink APP from apple APP store, 5. Press "add" button on Easylink APP to add a new device 6. Input ssid and password of the wlan that assoiated to iPhone, and start easylink 7. Press easylink button on your module 8. A new device appears on iPhone's screen, press this device, change and save these settings 9. This new device appears on EasyLink app's main page, you can interact with it now! 10. HomeKit demo cannot display on EasyLink app's main page, but it can play with any app based on HomeKit API on iOS8

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Mico-controller based Internet Connectivity Operation System


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