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a karma-coverage plugin for incremental coverage

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A karma-coverage plugin for incremental coverage


npm install --save-dev karma-coverage-incremental

Karma (JSON support)

install karma-coverage

npm i -D karma-coverage

config karma-coverage

  • Outsource threshold in a separate json file
  • Use json-summary coverage-reporter
coverageReporter: {
  check: {
    global: require('./coverage.conf.json') 
  reporters: [
           {type: 'json-summary'}

add increment

Add increment to reporters:

    reporters: ['coverage', 'increment']

config increment

incrementConfig: {
  flexibility: 0.5, //factor to reduce the roughness of the latest coverage results
  coverageCheckPath: './coverage.conf.json' //path to coverage threshold json

How does it work?

Takes the latest coverage report (from json-summary plugin) and smart-copies it to the coverage.conf.json file.


(in progress...)

Istanbul (YAML support)

(in progress...)


npm install

npm test

npm run lint
npm run lint-fix


a karma-coverage plugin for incremental coverage

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