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Just a small demo to show how to use Angular + Firebase + Google Material Design together.

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Angular/Firebase/Material - Demo

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What is this

Just a small demo to show how to use Angular2 + Firebase + Google Material Design together. Currently this demo application contains following features:

  • Social media login (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub)
  • Personal 'Todo' item list
  • Chat with other users


Demo of this application can be found from

QR code to demo application

Used libraries, guides, etc.



Other resources


First of all you have to install npm and node.js to your box. Installation instructions can be found here.

Note that node.js 6.x is required.

$ git clone
$ cd angular2-firebase-material-demo

# install the project's dependencies
$ npm install

# fast install (via Yarn,
$ yarn install  # or yarn


See /src/app/config/config.ts_example file and copy it to /src/app/config/config.ts file and make necessary changes to it. Note that you need a Firebase account to get all necessary config values.


To get Firebase running as it should first you need to make new Firebase application. Which you can create easily from their website

After you have created new application you need to make some security rules for the used data storage. Below is configuration that this demo application uses, so you can use the same within your application.

    "rules": {
      "messages": {
          ".write": "auth !== null",
          ".read": "auth !== null"
      "todos": {
        "$uid": {
          // grants write access to the owner of this user account whose uid must exactly match the key ($uid)
          ".write": "auth !== null && auth.uid === $uid",
          // grants read access to any user who is logged in with Facebook
          ".read": "auth !== null && auth.uid === $uid"

These rules ensure that 'todo' items are show only to user who made those. Also chat messages requires that user is logged in to read / write those.


To start developing in the project run:

$ npm start
# OR
$ ng serve

Then head to http://localhost:4200 in your browser.


Unit tests

To run tests run:

$ npm test
# OR
$ ng test

e2e tests

To run tests run:

$ npm run e2e
# OR
$ ng e2e


Run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.


Tarmo Leppänen


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2016 Tarmo Leppänen


Just a small demo to show how to use Angular + Firebase + Google Material Design together.

License:MIT License


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