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Scripts, Utilities and other Helpers for Pupil

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The pupil-helpers repository contains utility scripts and concise code examples that demonstrate how to communicate and develop your own tools with Pupil.

If you're new to Pupil, we highly recommend checking out the docs.

For documentation on Pupil's message based API, please read through the Networking section in the docs.

For more information about plugin development, check out the Plugin Guide.

Folder Content

  • python: Example Python scripts that showcase interaction with Pupil Remote and the Pupil IPC
  • matlab: Example Matlab scripts, see the folder's for details
  • network_time_sync: Spec and implementation for the Pupil Timesync Protocol
  • markers_stickersheet: Surface marker images and vector files
  • write_your_own_plugin: Example Pupil plugin


Pull Requests to this repo should be revisions of existing code. New examples should be referenced in the pupil-community repository.


Scripts, Utilities and other Helpers for Pupil


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