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Custom batch exporter for pupil labs

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Original Authors: Py and Papr (adapted, badly, by TB ) Date: 12.01.19

Disclamer: This repo is a mess, but the scripts do work. I will eventually clean it up.


Loop through recordings in a specifed directory Update recording format if recorded in legacy format Export data to .csv files in a specified directory


Edit the directory paths in and run


Requires modules from an older version of pupil_src (see pupil folder included in this repo)

Runs in python 3.x

Needs numpy, scipy, pandas, shutil, os, sys, etc.

Needs av: conda install -c conda-forge av

Needs cv: conda install-c conda-forge opencv

Needs msgpack 0.5.6 (latest version [6] breaks the export): conda install -c anaconda msgpack-python=0.5.6

Needs modules from pupil/pupil_src/shared modules (git clone

IMPORTANT: I had to comment out line 26 in "" [from video_capture.utils import RenameSet] to avoid having to install pyuvc (this caused problems when installing, and isn't needed for this batch export script to work)


Custom batch exporter for pupil labs


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