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Pythonic bindings for FFmpeg.

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PyAV is a Pythonic binding for FFmpeg or Libav. We aim to provide all of the power and control of the underlying library, but manage the gritty details as much as possible.


Due to the complexity of the dependencies, PyAV is not always the easiest Python package to install. The most straight-foward install is via conda-forge:

conda install av -c conda-forge

See the Conda quick install docs to get started with (mini)Conda.

If you want to use your existing FFmpeg/Libav, the C-source version of PyAV is on PyPI:

pip install av

And if you want to build from the absolute source (for development or testing):

git clone
cd PyAV
source scripts/activate

Have fun, Read the Docs, and good luck!


Pythonic bindings for FFmpeg.

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