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Adventures with Hashicorp's Nomad

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Nomadic adventures

A series of adventures involving:


To build the Docker images you need to set up a Docker registry if you want to build the Docker images yourself.

If you don't want to do that, you can use the images I built and published on Docker Hub


Next, you need to set up Nomad and Consul somewhere. It's not particularly difficult to run them on your own machine in development mode, but since that requires you to also have Docker installed, you can use the provided Vagrantfile and simply run:

$ git clone
$ cd vagrant
$ vagrant up

This will start a virtual machine with Nomad running in client mode, which means that it will be running the Nomad jobs you submit to a Nomad server. Ideally, you should therefore be running a Nomad server on your own machine, to get a feel for how a Nomad cluster works in practice. You can find an example Nomad config in nomad/config/example.json which uses the virtual machine.

If for some reason you can not do even that, though, you can use Vagrant to run Nomad in development mode, where the Nomad process will act as both server and client. To do so, use the environment variable NOMAD_DEV:

$ export NOMAD_DEV=1
$ vagrant up
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Adventures with Hashicorp's Nomad


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