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Game engines with source: learning from the best

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Game Engines with Source: Learning from the best

As a game developer, I'm always intrigued by how other people do things and what solutions have been developed to some problem. As well as the big ones, many smaller engines are being worked on and I find myself downloading repositories, compiling, tinkering and marveling at what's available. This is a non-exhaustive list of game engines whose source code you can freely inspect, compile, run and learn from.

NB: When I say game engine I am referring to a conglomerate of technologies that generally has an editor, a scene description, input/output, etc. If the scope is more limited we would be talking about a rendering or a physics engine.

NB2: Notice I say public source, and not open or free source or anything that suggests that you can freely make use of the code. Every entry in the list has its own licensing terms, commercial options and/or conditions that you need to abide by.

Team Engines

Engines that are being developed by teams of individuals, generally are well established and have commercial products behind them.

Engine Source Screenshot
ue4 Unreal Engine 4
cryengine CryEngine
godot Godot
torque Torque 3D
flax Flax Engine
panda3d Panda 3D
armory3d Armory 3D
neoaxis NeoAxis Engine
urho3d Urho3D
playcanvas PlayCanvas Engine
lumberyard Lumberyard
o3de O3DE
ez ezEngine

Solo Engines

Engines that are being developed generally by a single individual or at most a handful. Some are commercial products, others are often either experimental or toy pieces of tech.

Engine Source Screenshot
wicked Wicked Engine
Lumix Engine
Ethereal Engine
koala Koala Engine
hazel Hazel
spartan Spartan Engine
Banshee Engine
Lumos Engine
paxengine Pax Engine
Sir Engine
acid Acid Engine
PathFinder Engine
rbfx rbfx
nCine nCine
ET Engine
Crown Engine

Rendering Engines

These are only the graphics part of an engine but mature enough and well developed that their code is worthwhile to learn from.

Engine Source
diligent Diligent Engine
bgfx bgfx
ogre Ogre 3D Next
methane Methane Kit
magnum Magnum
vultaik Vultaik
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Game engines with source: learning from the best