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some crypto implementation

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Tested on python3.4.

Requirements for running the script

  1. Python
  2. Cerealizer

Installing Cerealizer: pip install cerealizer pip install matplotlib

Loading the shares: python load.py shares_file_location Now the variable "allshares" contains:

  • index 0 shares for the first person
  • index 1 shares for the second person
  • and so on

One can modify load.py script to play around with the shares


Fetches all files from test_data and applied sharing scheme w.r.t to get_shares.py
(currently 4 2)

$ python get_shares.py test_data/ correct_shamir | wrong_scheme

After fetching the serialized files can be found in new_version/ folder


Plots graphs from the hex files with the shares computed at the previous steps.

$ python diff.py new_version/CV_BG.hex new_version/CV_DK.hex new_version/DM_RO.hex 4000


some crypto implementation


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