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An implementation of the LowMC block cipher family.

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LowMC implementation

This is a C++ implementation of the LowMC block cipher family. The parameters (block size, number of S-boxes in the substitution layer, number of rounds, key size) are defined in LowMC.h. Compilation requires support of C++11 features.

The files LowMC.h and LowMC.cpp contain the relevant code. test.cpp contains a short example usage.

The file determine_rounds.py contains a Python script that determines the number of rounds needed for LowMC to be secure in dependence on the other parameters: the block size n, the number of S-boxes per layer m, the log2 of the allowed data complexity d, and the key size k.

Example usage: python3 determine_rounds.py 256 63 128 128

LowMC Benchmarking

run make; ./test Encryptions russianFlag cacheSize graySize grayTables

Using 4 russians method with a cache size of blocksize / 256 , Gray codes of 8 bit length and 1 Gray table

./test 10000 1 256 8 1

Encrypting 10000 with classic bitsets ./test 10000 0 256 8 1


An implementation of the LowMC block cipher family.

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