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EAS cli build bug demo

With EAS build on android when press "back" button and open app again quickly will be visible splash (loading) screen, but on classic expo build there is no splash screen on app reopening (apps are not really closed in both cases).


SDK: 43 (also same problem in SDK 42)

EAS cli: 0.37

EXPO cli: 4.13.0 (with older versions was the same)


Example based on new typescript demo from expo init. In code there is no nothing special, it only using expo-asset module with useAssets hook to preload 3 assets (images).

Assets (images) have big size for better visible effect when starting app. Real apps where I first catched this bug have many small images (~50) so conditions are close.

Reproduce bug

To have two versions of apps (with expo build and EAS build) on same device and switch between them need to do 2 changes in app.json file.

EXPO classic build

Just run expo build:android, choose type apk to build.

EAS build

Change in app.json:

  • App name (line #3):
    "name": "App build test EXPO",


    "name": "App build test EAS",
  • App package name (line #29):
      "package": "com.easbuild.tests.expo",


      "package": "com.easbuild.tests.eas",

Then run eas build --platform android --profile development

Install these APKs on device and test "back" button behavior: you will see that app created via EAS build will show splash screen on every app reopening where classic build - not.

Video (slowed 2 times)



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