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Roslyn-SDK templates and Syntax Visualizer

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Roslyn SDK

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What is the Roslyn-SDK?

Roslyn is the compiler platform for .NET. It consists of the compiler itself and a powerful set of APIs to interact with the compiler. The Roslyn platform is hosted at The compiler is part of every .NET installation. The APIs to interact with the compiler are available via NuGet (see the Roslyn repository for details). The Roslyn SDK includes additional components to get you started with advanced topics such as distributing a Roslyn analyzer as Visual Studio extension or to inspect code with the Syntax Vizualizer. The documentation for the Roslyn platform can be found at This repository contains code for both the Roslyn-SDK templates and Syntax Vizualizer.

Installation instructions

Visual Studio 2017 (Version 15.5 and above)

  1. Run Visual Studio Installer
  2. Hit Modify
  3. Select the Individual components tab
  4. Check the box for .NET Compiler Platform SDK

Visual Studio 2015

For older versions of Visual Studio the .NET Compiler Platform SDK is available as an extension in the Visual Studio gallery.

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Roslyn-SDK templates and Syntax Visualizer

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