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Object Analysis Toolkit is a C# library for analyzing objects using Rules.

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Object Analysis Toolkit

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Object Analysis Toolkit (OAT) is a rules driven metaprogramming engine for arbitrary C# objects.

Getting OAT

OAT is available on NuGet as Microsoft.CST.OAT.

OAT Blazor runs in your browser and allows you to Author Rules and test them in a Sandbox using Objects instantiated from your provided Assembly.


Documentation for usage is on the Wiki.

Documentation for the API is available on GitHub Pages


  • Rules contain a object Target, an int Severity, a string boolean Expression and a List of Clauses which are applied to the targeted object.
  • Clauses perform a specified Operation on a specified Field of the Target. The Field can be any property or subproperty or field of the object. For example, SomeFieldOfTarget.SomeObject.SomeProperty.
  • Clauses can also Capture the result of their operation, to be returned with the applied Rule.
  • The Operation set can be expanded with delegates.
  • The object types supported by existing operations can also be expanded with delegates.

Basic Usage

The basic usage of OAT is applying rules to targets using the Analyze function.

object target;
IEnumerable<Rule> rules;
var analyzer = new Analyzer();
var rulesWhichApply = analyzer.Analyze(rules,target);


OAT also supports capturing and returning results of clauses.

object target;
IEnumerable<Rule> rules;
var analyzer = new Analyzer();
var res = analyzer.GetCaptures(rules, target);

Detailed Usage

A full walkthrough including creating a custom operation and validating your custom operation rules and capturing Clause values is available on the wiki.

Authoring Rules

Detailed information on how to author rules is available on on the wiki.


Documentation for implementing each delegate is available on the wiki.


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This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.

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Object Analysis Toolkit is a C# library for analyzing objects using Rules.

License:MIT License


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