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Vercel Clone

YouTube Video Link: https://youtu.be/0A_JpLYG7hM

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Setup Guide

This Project contains following services and folders:

  • api-server: HTTP API Server for REST API's
  • build-server: Docker Image code which clones, builds and pushes the build to S3
  • s3-reverse-proxy: Reverse Proxy the subdomains and domains to s3 bucket static assets

Local Setup

  1. Run npm install in all the 3 services i.e. api-server, build-server and s3-reverse-proxy
  2. Docker build the build-server and push the image to AWS ECR.
  3. Setup the api-server by providing all the required config such as TASK ARN and CLUSTER arn.
  4. Run node index.js in api-server and s3-reverse-proxy

At this point following services would be up and running:

S.No Service PORT
1 api-server :9000
2 socket.io-server :9002
3 s3-reverse-proxy :8000


Watch The Demo Video


Vercel Clone Architecture


Vercel Clone From Scratch πŸš€



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