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[ABANDONED] PHP Censor plugin for Deployer (

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This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the build-in PHP Censor plugin instead.


Simple plugin for Deployer


First of all - composer require ket4yii/phpcensor-deployer-plugin

How to use

Keyword of this plugin is simple. It means that you just need to define branch for configuration task name(if there is no task, plugin takes default value that is "deploy"), stage name(it would be just server name or defined stage) , verbosity level(for default is normal) and filename(by default deployer takes the deployer.php file)

Plugin options

  • stage(required) - Stage or server name
  • task(optional) - Task name (default task is deploy)
  • verbosity(optional) - Add verbose mode to plugin execution (default is no verbose that equal to normal in the option list of values below)
    • normal
    • verbose
    • very verbose
    • debug
    • quiet
  • file(optional) - Filename of deployer configuration. For default deployer takes deploy.php if this field is not specified

Sample configuration

  development: # branch name
    task: sample-task # optional, default task is deploy 
    stage: dev # required, name of stage or server
    verbose: debug # optional, default is normal(no verbosity)
    file: .deploy_config.php # optional, deployer takes the deploy.php file for default
    stage: prod #required, name of stage or server


[ABANDONED] PHP Censor plugin for Deployer (

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