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REIT Management

REIT Management

Manage Maintainance Requests, Contractor Relationships, Scheduling and Rent Payments with REIT Management

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REIT Management was built to streamline the communication between Renters, Property Managers and Contractors.

As a renter - Report issues with your unit. View the status of those your property and see when service is being schedules. As a contractor - See all issues that are assigned to you. Update service request status and schedule appointments from REIT Manager. As an Admin - Assign service request to verified contractors. Close out open service items. And manage all invoicing.


A few of the things you can do with REIT Management:

  • Renters can log maintainence request, view the status of requests and scheduled appointments
  • Efficiently communicate issues to property managment.
  • Easily view issues that are open and see their status as they are assigned.
  • Pay your bills through a paypal widget.
  • Easily manage work load of contractors.
  • Schedule appointments with renters


Feel free to send us feedback by filing an issue on Github! file an issue. The REIT Management Team Open accepts features! If you wish to contribute please drop us a line.


This project is brought to you by these awesome contributors:

Build Process

  • Clone or download the repo
  • yarn install in the root directory to install dependencies
  • cd client when in the client folder yarn install after installing in the client folder CD back to the root directory cd ../
  • yarn build in the root directory and your application should be up and running!



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