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Eclipse Paho MQTT Go client

This repository contains the source code for the Eclipse Paho MQTT Go client library.

Installation and Build

This client is designed to work with the standard Go tools, so installation is as easy as:

go get

Folder Structure

The main library is in the paho folder (so for general usage import ""). There are examples off this folder in paho/cmd and extensions in paho/extensions.

autopaho (import "") is a fairly simple wrapper that automates the connection process (mqtt and mqtts) and will automatically reconnect should the connection drop. For many users this package will provide a simple way to connect and publish/subscribe as well as demonstrating how to use the paho.golang/paho. autopaho/examples/docker provides a full example using docker to run a publisher and subscriber (connecting to mosquitto).

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs by raising issues for this project in github

More information

Discussion of the Paho clients takes place on the Eclipse paho-dev mailing list.

General questions about the MQTT protocol are discussed in the MQTT Google Group.

There is much more information available via the MQTT community site.


Go libraries

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