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Repository for the main LFE (Lisp Flavoured Erlang) Language site

Visit lfe.io!


Feel free to open a ticket or fork the site and submit a pull request.

Dev Server

If you would like to run the site locally, you may do so with this command:

$ make dev

This will start the site on a local dev server running on port 4000. HTTP log files will be available in ./dev.

If you want to run on a different port, simply set the PORT environment variable to your liking:

$ PORT=5099 make dev

This make target assumes that lfetool has cloned the lfe repository (and compiled it) to ~/.lfe/lfe. If your lfe executable is in a location other than ~/.lfe/lfe/bin, simply export the LFE_BIN_DIR to point to it.

You can also connect to your running server in another terminal using the following make target:

$ make connect


The LFE Landing Site / Home Page


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