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To install run

]add SQLFluff.jl

This package is a thin wrapper around SQLStrings which adds linting via sqlfluff, so that incorrect SQL should throw an informative error for example

sql"SELET * FROM table "
# ERROR: SQLParseError(Line 1, Position 1: Found unparsable section: 'SELET * FROM mytable')

You can configure a specific dialect with


Where the supported dialects are


For SQL code that contains interpolated symbols, e.g SELECT * FROM table WHERE x=$x we need to know how to format the data types so the generated SQL can be linted. If your datatype is unsupported you can define

formatter(::Val{:dialect}, ::MyType) = x -> "$x my format"

It should return a function that is capable of correctly formatting your data type. Initial support will go into covering formatting for Postgres and Sqlite.


License:MIT License


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