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Simple example that demonstrates partial mapping of OpenSHMEM over libfabric

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This is a tutorial for building a simple OpenSHMEM implementation

For more information, see the presentation:


Quick Start
sh autogen.sh

This tutorial relies on PMI as a job launch library.
MPICH installations and libraries generally have libraries

------ Example Build Script -------
INSTALL_DIR=<path to stage executables>
PMILIBNAME=<MPI library name>
PMI_LIB=<path to mpi library with a pmi.so>
PMI_INCLUDE=<path to pmi.h>
./configure                           \
    --prefix=${INSTALL_DIR}           \
    --with-fabric=${SFI}              \
    --with-pmi-name=${PMI_LIBNAME}    \
    --with-pmi-lib=${PMI_LIB}         \
make; make install
------ End Build Script -------

To run sping:

mpiexec -np 2 ./sping
Note, that depending on how you built sping, you may need to set an env var.

PMI_MODULE=libmpi.so by default.
This points to a library that implements the PMI interface.  Usually libraries
like MPICH have this.  So libmpi.so needs to be in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or you
need to set PMI_MODULE=<PATH_TO_MPI>/libmpich.so or to any library that implements PMI.

General Layout
(Tutorial Files, the example code, these are the interesting tutorial code):
./src/shmem_impl.h       -- Shmem library implementation header
./src/shmem.c            -- Shmem library implementation code

(reference implementation files from:
./src/shmem.h            -- Reference implementation header
./examples/sping.c       -- Reference implementation test case

(Process manager/job launcher utility code):
./src/pm/pmi/shmem_pmi.c  -- Process manager glue code
./src/pm/pmi/pmitest.c    -- Test case for process manager (not installed by default)
./src/pm/pmi/pmi_loader.h -- Dynamic loader for libpmi.so
./src/pm/shmem_pm.h       -- Process manager code, interfaces used by shmem


Simple example that demonstrates partial mapping of OpenSHMEM over libfabric


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