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PHP Class to create multi-language web sites!

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PHP Class to create multi-language web sites! Version



  • Fixed seo problem, with .htaccess rewrite. No more Get param like page.php?language=en, now myLanguage use uri segment like /en/page.php
  • Add .htaccess file
  • Url Bugfix
  • Simplified installation


  • Add new private method replaceString to manage special characters
  • Edit configuration file with with the addition of three new parameters
  • Edit structure of language file
  • Improved index.php with new examples
  • Improved documentation
  • Minor bugfix


  • Bugfix and spelling correction
  • Created the configuration file and implemented within the class
  • Changed the name of the method print_line () in tr ()
  • Simplified class initialization with another method

What is myLanguage Class

This is a simple PHP class to create multi-language site. It's very simple to use and to install. You can translate your site into as many languages as you want without limitations.

Why I've developed this Class?

To help all developers who needs to create a multi-language site quickly and easier in a short time. myLanguage is easily customizable thanks to a few lines of code that manage the translation process.

Install And configuration

Download and unzip the .zip archive

Open /congif/lang.php file

  • At line 10 you need to set your absolute base path with a language folder

  • At line 1 add your supported language in 2 characters like

    it => italian

    en => english

    de => german

    fr => french

    zh => chinese ecc..

  • At line 17set your default language

  • Copy .htaccess on your root

Now look the index.php file from line 1 to 10:

include ('class/myLanguage.php'); 

$language	= new myLanguage();

This is very important for proper initialization of the class, you need to include that code in all your page.

To print a line use this command tr('NAME_OF_VARIABLE');?>

If the language variable doesn't exist in your selected language, the class try to print variable in default language. If default variable language doesn't exist class print a empty variable

Language file

Language file need to be all in one main directory like "language" and the single language in a sub-directory like "language/en/" Look the language folder.

Change language

You can use the method: changetLang('language') to generate a link to change language. For expample if we are on: wwww.expample.com/en/page.php we can generate a link using: "$language->changetLang('it');" This method only generate url string, so you need to write a code like this: " Set italian lang ""


If you have a problem, send me an email on me@andreacorriga.com


Try demo on: http://mylanguage.andreacorriga.com

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PHP Class to create multi-language web sites!


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