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Poly-GAN: Multi-Conditioned GAN for Fashion Synthesis. (Not updating).

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Poly-GAN: Multi-Conditioned GAN for Fashion Synthesis


We present Poly-GAN, a novel conditional GAN architecture that is motivated by Fashion Synthesis, an application where garments are automatically placed on images of human models at an arbitrary pose. Poly-GAN allows conditioning on multiple inputs and is suitable for many tasks, including image alignment, image stitching and inpainting. Existing methods have a similar pipeline where three different networks are used to first align garments with the human pose, then perform stitching of the aligned garment and finally refine the results. Poly-GAN is the first instance where a common architecture is used to perform all three tasks. Our novel architecture enforces the conditions at all layers of the encoder and utilizes skip connections from the coarse layers of the encoder to the respective layers of the decoder. Poly-GAN is able to perform a spatial transformation of the garment based on the RGB skeleton of the model at an arbitrary pose. Additionally, Poly-GAN can perform image stitching, regardless of the garment orientation, and inpainting on the garment mask when it contains irregular holes. Our system achieves state-of-the-art quantitative results on Structural Similarity Index metric and Inception Score metric using the DeepFashion dataset.


Method SSIM IS
CP-VTON 0.688 2.6049
MG-VTON 0.744 3.03
Poly-GAN Stage 2 0.7174 2.8193
Poly-GAN Stage 3 0.7369 2.6549
Poly-GAN Stage 4 0.7251 2.7904

Architecture of POLY-GAN

Alt text

Alt text


cat requirements.txt | xargs -n 1 pip install


Download pre-trained models and Data from It has pre-trained weights for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3.

In, you need to provide location of the pre-trained weights of the stage you will be testing, Target and Reference Image name as well.

The dataset used is borrowed from the code CP-VTON


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Poly-GAN: Multi-Conditioned GAN for Fashion Synthesis. (Not updating).

License:MIT License


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