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just for my learning...

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C/C++ Cuda Tutorials

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I will try to simply my findings in Jupyter Notebook (Google Collab).

PyCUDA Tutorials

just for my learning...

All files are google collab, but not all have installed libraries, PS:- You need to install all the cuda related libraries / PyCuda.

The materials are from Book, StackOverflow, blogs, youtube.

Each file should not take more than an hour or 2 hours max.

Reference :

  1. [Hands-On GPU Programming with Python and CUDA: Explore high-performance parallel computing with CUDA Paperback – November 27, 2018].

  2. by the Author : Brian Tuomanen

  3. [Official CUDA Documentation].

  4. Stack Overflow realted to Pycuda / CUDA concepts.

  5. Blogs etc.

PS:- I am just compiling the notebooks that its easier to navigate and learn PyCUDA. I am also not sharing any copy-right materials in any form, the notebooks do have important context as exactly as in the reference materials, which I mentioned above in Reference.

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just for my learning...


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