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A board of things, anywhere you want on the screen

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Thingboard is just a simple board for writing things down. Frequently when I'm working, I find myself looking for places to jot stuff down to help me think and organize, but I don't want to be shuffling pieces of paper around, and it's nice to be able to copy-paste notes from other tools I use. Thingboard fulfills this need for me by being a board for Post-it style notes I can move and resize. It saves data to your browser's local storage.

You can try thingboard deployed on Repl.it or Vercel.

Thingboard is a fully static, client-side rendered app built on a small pair of libraries:

  • Torus for UI rendering
  • paper.css for easy aesthetics that match with the rest of my productivity tools.

Thingboard screenshot


A board of things, anywhere you want on the screen



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