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A Vue.js 2 Snippets Extension for VSCode

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Vue 2 Snippets for Visual Studio Code

This extension adds Vue 2 Code Snippets into Visual Studio Code.

这个插件基于最新的 Vue 2 的 API 添加了Code Snippets。

It looks like:


Including most of the API of Vue.js 2. You can type vcom, choose VueConfigOptionMergeStrategies, and press ENTER, then Vue.config.optionMergeStrategies appear on the screen.

插件的 Snippets 如下表格所示,比如你可以键入 vcom 然后按上下键选中 VueConfigOptionMergeStrategies 再按Enter键,就输入了Vue.config.optionMergeStrategies了。

As shown in the table below, snippet vmData has body like ${this, vm}.$data will provides choice this.$data and vm.$data to you.

如下表所示,vmData 的内容是 ${this, vm}.$data,这表明这个 snippet 会提供 this.$data and vm.$data 两种选项供你选择。

Prefix JavaScript Snippet Content
import import ... from ...
newVue new Vue({...})
VueConfigSilent Vue.config.silent = true
VueConfigOptionMergeStrategies Vue.config.optionMergeStrategies
VueConfigDevtools Vue.config.devtools = true
VueConfigErrorHandler Vue.config.errorHandler = function (err, vm, info) {...}
VueConfigWarnHandler Vue.config.warnHandler = function (msg, vm, trace) {...}
VueConfigIgnoredElements Vue.config.ignoredElements = [''] \
VueConfigKeyCodes Vue.config.keyCodes
VueConfigPerformance Vue.config.performance = true
VueConfigProductionTip Vue.config.productionTip = false
vueExtend Vue.extend( options )
VueNextTick Vue.nextTick( callback, [context] )
VueNextTickThen Vue.nextTick( callback, [context] ).then(function(){ })
VueSet Vue.set( target, key, value )
VueDelete Vue.delete( target, key )
VueDirective Vue.directive( id, [definition] )
VueFilter Vue.filter( id, [definition] )
VueComponent Vue.component( id, [definition] )
VueUse Vue.use( plugin )
VueMixin Vue.mixin({ mixin })
VueCompile Vue.compile( template )
VueVersion Vue.version
data data() { return {} }
watchWithOptions key: { deep: true, immediate: true, handler: function () { } }
vmData ${this, vm}.$data
vmProps ${this, vm}.$props
vmEl ${this, vm}.$el
vmOptions ${this, vm}.$options
vmParent ${this, vm}.$parent
vmRoot ${this, vm}.$root
vmChildren ${this, vm}.$children
vmSlots ${this, vm}.$slots
vmScopedSlots ${this, vm}.$scopedSlots.default({})
vmRefs ${this, vm}.$refs
vmIsServer ${this, vm}.$isServer
vmAttrs ${this, vm}.$attrs
vmListeners ${this, vm}.listeners
vmWatch ${this, vm}.$watch( expOrFn, callback, [options] )
vmSet ${this, vm}.$set( object, key, value )
vmDelete ${this, vm}.$delete( object, key )
vmOn ${this, vm}.$on( event, callback )
vmOnce ${this, vm}.$once( event, callback )
vmOff ${this, vm}.$off( [event, callback] )
vmEmit ${this, vm}.$emit( event, […args] )
vmMount ${this, vm}.$mount( [elementOrSelector] )
vmForceUpdate ${this, vm}.$forceUpdate()
vmNextTick ${this, vm}.$nextTick( callback )
vmDestroy ${this, vm}.$destroy()
renderer const renderer = require('vue-server-renderer').createRenderer()
createRenderer createRenderer({ })
preventDefault preventDefault();
stopPropagation stopPropagation();

Prefix HTML Snippet Content
template <template></template>
script <script></script>
style <style></style>
vText v-text=msg
vHtml v-html=html
vShow v-show
vIf v-if
vElse v-else
vElseIf v-else-if
vForWithoutKey v-for
vFor v-for="" :key=""
vOn v-on
vBind v-bind
vModel v-model
vPre v-pre
vCloak v-cloak
vOnce v-once
key :key
ref ref
slotA slot=""
slotE <slot></slot>
slotScope slot-scope=""
component <component :is=''></component>
keepAlive <keep-alive></keep-alive>
transition <transition></transition>
transitionGroup <transition-group></transition-group>
enterClass enter-class=''
leaveClass leave-class=''
appearClass appear-class=''
enterToClass enter-to-class=''
leaveToClass leave-to-class=''
appearToClass appear-to-class=''
enterActiveClass enter-active-class=''
leaveActiveClass leave-active-class=''
appearActiveClass appear-active-class=''
beforeEnterEvent @before-enter=''
beforeLeaveEvent @before-leave=''
beforeAppearEvent @before-appear=''
enterEvent @enter=''
leaveEvent @leave=''
appearEvent @appear=''
afterEnterEvent @after-enter=''
afterLeaveEvent @after-leave=''
afterAppearEvent @after-appear=''
enterCancelledEvent @enter-cancelled=''
leaveCancelledEvent @leave-cancelled=''
appearCancelledEvent @appear-cancelled=''

Prefix Vue Router Snippet Content
routerLink <router-link></router-link>
routerView <router-view></router-view>
to to=""
tag tag=""
newVueRouter const router = newVueRouter({ })
routerBeforeEach router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => { }
routerBeforeResolve router.beforeResolve((to, from, next) => { }
routerAfterEach router.afterEach((to, from) => { }
routerPush router.push()
routerReplace router.replace()
routerGo router.back()
routerBack router.push()
routerForward router.forward()
routerGetMatchedComponents router.getMatchedComponents()
routerResolve router.resolve()
routerAddRoutes router.addRoutes()
routerOnReady router.onReady()
routerOnError router.onError()
routes routes: []
beforeEnter beforeEnter: (to, from, next) => { }
beforeRouteEnter beforeRouteEnter (to, from, next) { }
beforeRouteLeave beforeRouteLeave (to, from, next) { }
scrollBehavior scrollBehavior (to, from, savedPosition) { }

Prefix Vuex Snippet Content
newVuexStore const store = new Vuex.Store({ })
Prefix Nuxt.js Snippet Content
nuxt <nuxt/>
nuxtChild <nuxt-child/>
nuxtLink <nuxt-link to=""/>
asyncData asyncData() {}

Supported languages

  • vue(.vue)
  • HTML(.html)
  • javascript(.js)
  • typescript(.ts)
  • pug(.pug)

Base on

vue-syntax-highlight (vue.tmLanguage)

2020/07/27 (0.1.12)
  • Add snippets and fix bugs
2019/01/27 (0.1.11)
  • Fix snippets
2018/12/19 (0.1.10)
  • Update snippets (like watchWithOptions / asyncData / nuxt / nuxtChild / nuxtLink and so on)
2018/09/04 (0.1.9)
  • Update snippets
2018/06/24 (0.1.8)
  • Update snippets
2018/06/05 (0.1.7)
  • Update snippets, add choices(this and vm) to snippets that begin with vm.
2018/05/22 (0.1.6)
  • Update snippets
2017/09/17 (0.1.5)
  • Fix and update snippets
2017/03/12 (0.1.1)
2017/01/01 (0.1.0)
  • Update some snippets
2016/12/31 (0.0.10)
  • Update newest api snippets (like v-else-if / Vue.config.ignoredElements and so on)
  • Fix a bug (before:,after:vm.$off)
2016/12/15 (0.0.9)
  • Update newest syntax highlight file
2016/11/13 (0.0.8)
  • Add some snippets
  • Change this extension's logo to vue's logo
  • Update readme
2016/10/18 (0.0.7)
  • Fix v-for snippet (thanks to Daniel D)
2016/10/18 (0.0.6)
  • Publish failed
2016/10/16 (0.0.5)
  • Fix this extension can not be downloaded with the latest version(1.6.1) of VS code
2016/10/15 (0.0.4)
  • Update readme
2016/09/30 (0.0.1)
  • Add code snippets
  • Add syntax highlight