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Hugo Coder Logotype

A simple and clean blog theme for Hugo.

Live Demo

See here.

Quick Start

  1. Add the repository into your Hugo Project repository as a submodule, git submodule add themes/hugo-coder.
  2. Configure your config.toml. You can either use this minimal configuration as a base, or look for a complete explanation about all configurations here. The config.toml inside the exampleSite is also a good reference.
  3. Build your site with hugo serve and see the result at http://localhost:1313/.

Extra Guides


This theme is ready to import into Stackbit. This theme can be deployed to Netlify and you can connect any headless CMS including Forestry, NetlifyCMS, DatoCMS or Contentful.

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Coder is licensed under the MIT license.


This theme is maintained by its author Luiz de Prá with the help from these awesome contributors.


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Special Thanks

  • Gleen McComb, for his great article about custom pagination.
  • All contributors, for every PR and Issue reported.
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Fork of the hugo-coder theme for

License:MIT License


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