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🤯 Call Objective-C from inside the Q3 Virtual Machine

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This is a small demo project, that demonstrates calling Objective-C from within the Q3VM.

The Q3VM files vm.h and vm.c have their own license.

How to build

This is a mulle-sde project.

It has it's own virtual environment, that will be automatically setup for you once you enter it with:

$ mulle-sde q3vm-objc-example

Now you can let mulle-sde fetch the required dependencies and build the project for you:

$ mulle-sde craft --debug

Additional requirement

See that q3vm is checked out alongside q3vm-objc-example and build it:

$ ls
$ cd q3vm ; make


$ cd q3vm-objc-example/qvm-src
$ mkdir build
$ make
$ ../build/Debug/q3vm-objc-example ./call-objc.qvm


🤯 Call Objective-C from inside the Q3 Virtual Machine

License:BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License


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