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🚩 Apache Module based on MulleObjC

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Works on Ubuntu Linux with apache2. This page is a collection of random thoughts. Read it all, if you want to reproduce this.

Research Findings

The apache daemon loads shared libraries with RTLD_GLOBAL. That means, that the global universe variable is shared between modules. Therefore only one global variable (not hashtable) universe exists and the modules share the loaded by the first extension.

Care must be taken, that classes have differing names.

How to reproduce

Build as explained in Memo: Apache/Libtool/ObjC then also build the second example in src2 likewise. Also install the objc_example2.* files in ./apache2 into the mods-enabled folder of /etc/apache2 alongside the objc_example.* files.

Then check http://localhost/objc-example and http://localhost/objc-example2

Feature: Named Universes

This is done in by specifying -DOTHER_CFLAGS=-fobjc-universename=myuniverse.

Tweaks used to build the first universe

  1. Set MULLE_CRAFT_MULLE_OBJC_MAKE_FLAGS to -DSTANDALONE=ON, so that MulleObjC gets build as a shared library, but not the constituent static libraries.
  2. Specified a craftinfo for MulleObjC so that OTHER_CFLAGS is set to -fobjc-universename="vfl1848"
  3. Otherwise do as explained way below, and don't forget to copy the .so file.

Tweaks used to build the second universe

  1. remove the old stuff with mulle-sde clean all
  2. Specified a craftinfo for MulleObjC so that OTHER_CFLAGS is set to -fobjc-universename="vfl1849" (a different universename)
  3. Change the soname of the standalone library to
  4. rename built standalone library to and copy it to /usr/lib
  5. Go into src2 and make and make install

See: mulle-sde environment list

Memo: Apache/Libtool/ObjC

Libtool can not properly deal with the --whole-archive flag as researched by reading this and this mailthread.

This makes it not feasible to link ObjC code statically into a Libtooling environment such as an apache module. But linking a shared library to a C apache module is not a problem.

Build MulleObjC with STANDALONE.

Note: use tweak idea above

mulle-sde -v craft buildorder --release -- -DSTANDALONE=ON
sudo cp -a ../dependency/lib/ /usr/lib

Since we are going to install into /usr/lib a LD_RUN_PATH seems pointless.

Now build and install the module:

cd src
sudo make install
sudo apache2ctl restart

Again a LD_LIBRARY_PATH would be pointless, because the apache daemon doesn't seem to pick it up. Or we would have to edit /etc/apache2/envvars.

Install dependencies

This is a partial mulle-sde project.

mulle-sde MulleAPXSExample

Now you can let mulle-sde fetch the required dependencies and build the project for you:

mulle-sde craft buildorder


Venture into the src directory and run make.

Read mulle_objc_example.c for more information.


apache2 contains configuration files that need to be added after sudo make install


How to debug inside the apache.

$ sudo -s
# . /etc/apache2/envvars
  gdb /usr/sbin/apache2
gdb> set verbose on
gdb> run -X


🚩 Apache Module based on MulleObjC

License:BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License


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