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Complete OO interfaces of libui( in D

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libuid: Complete OO interfaces of libui in D

  • libuid is a binding of libui. So you have to build libui first. libui now is a submodule of libuid to prevent compatible issues. Dynamic library is recommend as you can build your programm without other static libraries to link.

  • Build existing examples with dub:

dub build --config=example1 --arch=x86_mscoff


dub build --config=example2 --arch=x86_64

You can use --arch to specify architecture of you platform. Note in windows, use --arch=x86_mscoff to create 32bit binary.

  • Minimal Example:
import ui;

void main() { Window("Hello").addOnClosing(_ => App.quit).show);


Complete OO interfaces of libui( in D

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