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Main repository for the Veracruz privacy-preserving compute project, an adopted project of the Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC).

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Veracruz: privacy-preserving collaborative compute

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Veracruz is now an adopted project of the Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC).

Veracruz is a framework for defining and deploying collaborative, privacy-preserving computations amongst a group of mutually mistrusting individuals. Some potential use-cases for Veracruz include:

  • Privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning,
  • Privacy-preserving delegated computations from a computationally weak device to a more capable (but potentially untrusted) edge device or server,
  • Secret auctions, elections or polls, surveys,
  • ...and many more.

Veracruz uses strong isolation technology (a mixture of trusted hardware and high-assurance hypervisor-based isolation), along with remote attestation protocols, to establish a safe, "neutral ground" within which a collaborative computation takes place on an untrusted device. Concretely, Veracruz computations are special-purpose WebAssembly binaries, compiled against a small SDK which we provide. WebAssembly acts both as a sandbox, pinning down the behaviour of the program, and allows us to abstract over the different strong isolation technologies that we support.

To learn more about Veracruz, the motivation, design, use-cases, and so on, please read the Veracruz project wiki or dive in and start playing with Veracruz using our Docker container. The latest project news is available on the Veracruz project homepage.

Get involved!

The Veracruz team welcome new collaborators and contributions! We maintain a list of open issues, ideas for new features, and possible improvements that can be made to Veracruz in our issue tracker, but also welcome ideas for new features and improvements from contributors, too. Many issues in our issue tracker are marked as being suitable for new contributors to the project.

Veracruz maintains a public Slack channel for discussion about the project under the Confidential Compute Consortium's workspace. You can access this channel here. Anybody and everybody is welcome to join to meet the team and discuss the project!

We also have a weekly open Zoom meeting that you are welcome to join which is held every Thursday, 15:00 (BST) / 10:00 (CDT), and last for an hour. You can join with this link. Come along and meet the team, find out what everybody is working on, and discuss ideas for improving Veracruz!


This project's codebase is licensed under the MIT license.

The image Veracruz Puerto - Vista desde el Hotel Emporio by Eduardo Pavon is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Generic (CC-BY-SA 2.0) license. Link to the material


Main repository for the Veracruz privacy-preserving compute project, an adopted project of the Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC).

License:MIT License


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